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 Rig Move & Jacking Operations MasterClass©

Marine Operations of Self Elevating Platforms

(Jack Up Rigs)

(Jack up Barges)


Other Mobile Offshore Unit's (MOU's, MODU's)

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A career Move Starts with a CHANGE

Investing in yourselves is making

your Career Move Ahead!

Do you want to Learn and Master these Operations? 


New Upcoming Classes December 14th 2020


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 A similar kind of rig move done on the simulator by 4 students On Site at clients Premises

Rig Move & Jacking MasterClass©


 2019 Courses

AMSTERDAM  -  The Netherlands

PATTAYA  -  Thailand

SINGAPORE  -  Singapore

KUALALUMPUR  -  Malaysia

TOKYO  -  Japan


Worldwide On Demand Courses at Client's site or via e-Learing and webinar sessions Available NOW!

 Do you want to Learn and Master these Operations?

Sign up for one of our Recognised by The Nautical Institute CPD Classes and We'll Teach you All!

Z-Drive Tug Demo


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