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Learning Outcomes


at the end of the complete course, participants will be able to:

• Move a MOU on to final location by anchors and start jacking

• Open location Move using 2 or more vessels and or Anchor Spread

• Open location Move using 2 or more vessels, no Anchors

• Pre-load a JUB / Rig and Cope with Rapid Penetration / Punch Through

• Ballast and Pre-Load a Rig Properly

• Calculate MOU’s Stability, Stability Training meets the minimum standard as per IMO A 28/Res 1079, OIM/BS/BCO requirements

• Freeing Stuck Legs

• Understand and Cope with RPD issues

• Perform ship handling and rig moves in simulated environment

• Perform optimized communication between Rig and A/H Vessels

• Assess Risks

• Emergency Response

• Meet all Theory and Simulated Practicing standards, including the Comprehensive stability part for OIM/BS/BCO as per minimum requirements of: IMO A 28/Res 1079. 

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